Why Remortgage ?

There are multiple benefits of remortgaging or switching, it can:
  • Reduce your interest of repayments.
  • Help you raise money further.
  • Help you save money.
  • Help you consolidate debt.
  • Avoid moving home.
  • Help re-establish a good credit status.
  • help release some of the equity in your property.

Remortgage or Switching

Remortgaging is an effective option if you are looking to save money or want to raise additional capital against your property. An increasing number of UK home owners are switching their existing mortgage to better lenders in order to save money. Remortgage usually involves moving your mortgage from one lender to the other without moving home. If you have come to an end of a fixed rate period or at the completion of your discounted deal then remortgage is the best option for you to look for new offers before you get transferred to your existing lender’s Standard Variable Rate ( SVR)

Remortgages are generally limited by ‘loan to value’ ( LTV) which is the proportion of your home’s value that you need to borrow.

The three main things that you should consider while remortgaging namely, best deals, fees and qualifying criteria.

While you search for the best remortgage rates, look for the Top Mortgage Deals that offer the lowest or most competitive interest rates ranging from fixed mortgage deals or discounted or tracker mortgage rates.

Another important aspect that you should consider before remortgaging is the cost that you have to incur while changing lenders.

While searching for the lowest interest rate on your remortgage it’s also important that you take any associated fees arrangement, legal and valuation fees into account.

Remortgage deals vary so much in price and benefits that trying to compare the market all by yourself can be both a tiring and confusing work. That’s where our team of Top Mortgage Deal comes in.

Our qualified remortgage advisor will guide you through the process; offer you exclusive rates to make your remortgage cheaper compared to direct provider. Apply for a cheap remortgage quote today!

Even if you have a poor credit rating, missed financial repayments, taken out an IVA or even declared yourself bankrupt in the past, we may be able to help with a remortgage..

Why Us?

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